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    Copper Slag . No. GSR - SDS 005. Manufacturer Information. Manufacturer's Name PT. Smelting Gresik Smelter and Refinery Address Desa Roomo, Kecamatan Manyar PO. Box 555 Gresik 61151 Jawa Timur - Indonesia Telephone Number : 62-31-397-6458/59 Fax Number : 62-31-397-6460

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    Slag from ores that are mechanically concentrated before smelting contain mostly iron oxides and silicon oxides. Applications Grit Blasting. Copper slag is mainly used for surface blast-cleaning. Abrasive blasting is used to clean and shape the surface of metal, stone, concrete and other materials. In this process, a stream of abrasive grains called grit are propelled toward the workpiece.

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    Aug 20, 2014 · Abstract. This work focuses on the use of copper slag, as a partial replacement of sand for use in cement concrete and building construction. Cement mortar mixtures prepared with fine aggregate made up of different proportions of copper slag and sand were tested for use as masonry mortars and plastering.

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    Is Copper slag is metallic or non-metallic? ... Hematite Magnetite Lodestone Franklinite Chromite Ilmenite Pyrrhotite . How many cubic meter is 1 ton of chromite sand?.7231 cubic meters .

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    The average composition of final copper slag corresponds to 30–40 % iron, 35-40% silica, less than 10 % of alumina and calcium oxide and copper content is less than 1%, depending on the method used to clean the final slag of the pyrometallurgical process.

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    An enclosed blast room gives you the control you want over your production. Installing a purpose-designed facility that is built specifically for your workshop ensures your products have consistency of finish quality, and are completed within a predictable time frame.

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    copper to receive high-basic combined silica-calcium slags or ferric-calcium ones. In this case, the concentration of unlinked loadstone and copper in the slag decreases considerably (till 7.8 % and 2 % correspondingly), the slag becomes fluid under the 1250.1350 °С and its phase composition is better

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    (Marathi) Lodestone or Loadstone or Magnetite is the most magnetic of all the naturally occurring igneous and metamorphic rocks with black or brownish-black with a metallic luster. Lodestones are naturally-occurring magnets, which can attract iron.


    The use of ground copper slag up to 15% by mass as a Portland cement replacement increased the strength significantly [5]. The addition of copper slag to cement increasedits initial and final setting times [6]. The concrete batches with copper slag addition presented greater .