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    Which Countries Are Russia's Allies? Russia's main allies are India, China, Belarus, Iran and Syria. Russia and India have been close allies for many decades. The two countries have a formal declaration of strategic partnership that applies to political relations, counter-terrorism, defense, nuclear energy and space exploration.

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    Fighter List. The following is a list of all units of the Fighter class. Note: To see damage dealt by these units see Damage Calculator.; Note: Unit lists are currently getting an .

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    China is a good allies. China is a enemy. China is considered a threat to us now. They may have been our good allies in World War 2, but ever since, they've been very shady. This is not the China that we assisted in World War 2. The Nationalist China is the one we assisted. V 20 Comments

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    May 25, 2015 · Empires and Allies is a direct response to that attack, taking the model honed by Supercell's smash and giving it a lick or two of fresh paint. In this case, Zynga has dressed its take on ...