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  • 17 Different Types of House Siding (with Photo Examples)

    Nearly impervious to weathering and coming in a wide variety of stone types – granite, limestone, slate, etc. – stone is a great choice for a striking exterior. It can be cut into any shaped and stacked or layers for many different effects.

  • A Guide to Stone Tile Types and Finishes - Carved Stone ...

    The main types of stone we carry for tile include Travertine, Granite, Marble, Onyx, Quartzite, Sandstone, and Limestone. Granite It is known for a crystalline appearance which may be .

  • 8 Different Types of Stone Siding for Home Exteriors

    There are many different types of stone cladding on the market. You will find many popular stone varieties being sold as natural stone cladding. These large .

  • Types of Natural Stone Walls - Concord Stoneworks

    There are many different types of veneer stone. Some have been manufactured and sliced to ~1″ thick and are more installed like tiles. Others can be naturally flat stones similar to the Colonial Wallstone or PA Fieldstone mentioned above.

  • Types of Stone & Other Facts | Granite | Marble | Limestone

    Metamorphic stones originate from a natural form of one type of stone to another type through the mixture of heat, pressure, and minerals. The change may be a development of a crystalline formation, a texture change, or a color change.

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