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    Polytropic efficiency is another concept of efficiency often used in compressor evaluation. It is often referred as small stage or infinitesimal stage efficiency. It is the true aerodynamic efficiency exclusive of the pressure-ratio effect.

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    Open Cycle Gas Turbines. Topic last reviewed: ... The gas turbine unit's efficiency was shown to be 40%, and was part of a combined cycle system reaching a world record 60.75% efficiency [Reference 9]. This plant has been providing power to the German grid since the testing period finished, all at this same efficiency.

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    Small wind turbines, 1 - 6 kW ... Turbulence reduces the efficiency of a turbine. • Ensure that the turbine is set at a height above ground level to avoid turbulence. ... • The installed costs of small scale turbines can vary from around £2,500 for a 1.5kW rated turbine though to around £5,000 for a 5kW.


    efficiency for a geothermal turbine would typically range between 81 and 85% [26]. The turbine efficiency drops due to deviation from isentropic behaviour and the presence of moisture in the turbine during the steam expansion process. The Baumann rule shows that the presence of 1% average moisture causes a drop of about 1% turbine efficiency.