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  • Bentonite & Gum Disease | Healthy Living

    Bentonite clay has been used for decades as a treatment for numerous health conditions. Popular in alternative medicine, bentonite clay acts as a detoxifying agent and is used in cleansing techniques and for removing metal toxins from the body. It is also helpful fighting in gum disease.

  • How to Use Bentonite to Clarify Wine – Winemaker's Academy

    The main types used to fine wine are sodium and calcium bentonite. While each will contain small amounts of other minerals they are described by the mineral that is in greatest concentration. Calcium Vs Sodium Bentonite. Either form may be used to clarify a wine, however, the difference between the two are the minerals that get left behind.

  • Bentonite Clay for Hair: Benefits, How to Use, Mask Recipe

    Mar 28, 2018 · Bentonite clay (montmorillonite) is a mudlike substance derived from volcanic ash. It's sometimes used in the personal care industry as a face mask. Bentonite clay can also be used for hair as a ...

  • Bentonite Clay Health Benefits and Side Effects

    Bentonite Clay Health Benefits and Side Effects. Bentonite is a clay that is available in supplement form. The primary ingredient in bentonite is hydrated aluminum silicate. Other constituents in bentonite include calcium, magnesium, and iron (the composition varies according to the geographical location in which it is found). Once in the body,...

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    Bentonite powder can also be hydrated and turned into a wet clay that can be used in a variety of external applications. Even hydrated bentonite is powerfully absorbent, which makes it an excellent alternative treatment for eczema, acne, oily skin and other skin conditions in which gentle drying can be helpful.

  • Bentonite Clay: 14 Health Benefits and Usage Tips