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    Large selection of Carbide Tipped Slitting Saws available for purchase online from Super Tool, Inc. Other carbide tipped, solid carbide, & high speed steel cutting tools available online at Super Tool.

  • Carbide Circular Saws

    Carbide chop saws are very reliable, and don't tend to gum up. This lets you cut longer and more often. Your Circular Chop Saw. The circular chop saw should be on every workshop's list. If you have any questions about circular saws, or would like to purchase one, contact sawblade today.


    [ CARBIDE TIPPED RECIPROCATING SAW ] Quickly cut block and brick with the power of a reciprocating saw. Cut an entire block in one stroke; cuts are square and accurate. Durable tungsten carbide tipped cutting teeth clear the kerf with significantly less .

  • What are carbide tips? | HowStuffWorks

    With something like a carbide-tipped saw blade, the main body of the blade is made of steel. The small tips of carbide are brazed on to the body. A good carbide tip might hold an edge ten to twenty times longer than a tool steel tip. The carbide tip on a typical circular saw. Carbide tips do get dull eventually.