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    Grinding Wheel Tool Rest FIGURE 2—Set tool rest at any height, but at 7° angle from centerline of wheel. The reason tool supports are designed like this is so they can be used for a variety of uses, not just tool bits. What this means is that if the tool support is above or below center it must be adjusted as the wheel diameter changes.

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    The round rods are used to make cutting tools: boring bars, broaches, end mills, etc. The STB blanks are widely used as wear-proofing in machine parts, tools, grinder rests & appliances. The carbide tipped square tool bits are used on lathes for turning, boring, facing & chamfering applications.

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    Today's tool and cutter grinder is typically a CNC machine tool, usually 5 axes, which produces endmills, drills, step tools, etc. which are widely used in the metal cutting and woodworking industries.

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    Step 1: Preparing the Dremel Tool. The first thing to do is inserting the diamond bits onto the dremel tool. To insert the bit, place it at the end hole of the dremel. Slide it back slightly, then secure it with a collet nut, by tightening the nut.

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    Oct 01, 2013 · Set up for sharpening "Four Facet" drills on the Union tool & cutter grinder. Use the universal work head and a suitable sized Bristol Erikson DA180 collet to hold the drill. Set primary clearance angle on the horizontal axis of the head to either 10° or 12° as required.

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    good job grinding lathe tool bits. In some cases, you might want to purchase a higher quality fine grit wheel. Keep a small cup of water near your grinder. Grinding generates heat, which can cause two problems. The tool bit will become too hot to hold. Overheating can also affect the heat treatment of the tool bit, leaving the cutting edge soft. Use a protractor to measure the angles.

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    In theory, hold the bit with the shank angled off to the left at about 59 degrees. As the bit contacts the grinding wheel, simultaneously move the shank farther left and downward while twisting it clockwise. I have tried, but I have never been able to make it work for me. I bought this bit sharpening tool almost 30 years ago for less than $20.

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    Step 2. Attach a diamond grinding disk to the angle grinder. Use a grit of about 100 to start. Try running the grinder at about 1500 rpm and keep a firm grip as you begin to work the stone surface. Hold the disk flat against the surface and move it slowly in a controlled motion.

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    STEP 5. When satisfied with the point on the first side, turn the drill bit 180 degrees and use the same grind-and-cool process for the opposite side of the tip. Aim for that 60-degree angle, and an angle and point that's the same width on both sides of the drill bit, to enable the tool to bore straight holes.

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    Do It All with Three Simple Tools. A Grinding Wheel, a Mill File and a Sharpening Stone You can sharpen most mower blades, hoes, and hatchets. Press a grinding wheel up against the edge with the grinder off, positioning it perpendicular to the blade.