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    LC ferrochrome Ferrotitanium a Process by which metal is smelted in a refractory-lined cup-shaped steel shell by submerged graphite electrodes. b Process by which molten charge material is reduced, in exothermic reaction, by addition of silicon, aluminum, or a combination of the 2.


    of DC arc smelting of chromite ores, and compare these results with the guidelines proposed in the literature for submerged-arc furnaces. 1 INTRODUCTION In the conventional production of stainless steels, chromium is generally introduced to the process in the form of Cr-Fe-C-Si alloys, principally as high-carbon ferrochrome or charge chrome.

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    Production. When enough smelted ferrochrome has accumulated in the hearth of the furnace, the tap hole is drilled open and a stream of molten metal and slag rushes down a trough into a chill or ladle. The ferrochrome solidifies in large castings, which are crushed for sale or further processed.

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    Ferrochrome smelting is a labour and energy intensive process. The principal application for chromium is as an alloying element in cast irons and steels. It is a strong carbide-forming element, and as such it is an important alloying element in tool and die steels, and high speed steels.

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    Ferrochrome silicon. If silica is added to the charge until its weight equals that of the ore, the smelting processes will yield what is known as ferrochrome silicon.

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    tion of high carbon ferrrochromium is based on reduction smelting of chromite ore with coke in the presence of silica in a submerged arc furnace. In this paper the performance of the conventional submerged arc smelting process in producing quality ferrochromium alloys and its technoeconomics are

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    Gulf Mining Group, one of the largest mining and mineral processing corporations in the Sultanate, says it is pushing ahead with plans to triple the capacity of its ferrochrome smelting plant in Freezone Sohar with an investment of around $70 million.

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    The Ferrochrome Processing Facility is planned to produce high carbon ferrochrome and employ approximately 1,500 during construction and between 300 and 500 people full-time. Once Noront has established itself as a high quality, consistent ferrochrome producer in the North American market, we plan to double our FPF production, which would increase employment to more than 500 people.

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    The metal and slag produced after smelting reduction are given in the figure 3.4 Figure 3.4 Alloy and slag sample collected after smelting of 2.6 grade ferro-chrome After smelting reduction of 2.6 grade of chromite ore, the alloys and the slag produced was analysed for their chemical.